Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Aww.. Let's Just F*ck the Whole 1st Amendment

Nevermind that Bush himself, as well as members of his administration, publicly spoke about monitoring the financial transactions of terror suspects, the GoOPer House wants to pass a resolution condemning the NYT for writing about the SWIFT program. Nevermind, too that the Republican mouthpiece Wall Street Journal published a similar story on the same day as the times... And, of course, you also have to ignore the entire free press clause of the First Amendment.

Honestly, what the f*ck is it with Republicans these days? They believe in a highly secretive, enormously powerful president who feels free to break and/or ignore the law and now they want to repeal the First Amendment. Isn't the GOP supposed to be the party of freedom and limited government?

But, then is anything surprising from the bunch of mouth-breathing knuckle draggers who thought AWOL Chimpy and Other Priorities Dick were more patriotic than a decorated veteran.


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