Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ten Random

Straight from the iPod--

1) Dresden Dolls- Mandy Goes to Med School The Dresden Dolls' indie cabaret is something of an acquired taste. And I may be more willing to embrace it since they're from Boston.

2) The Decemberists- California One Youth and Beauty Brigade The Decemberists made something of a splash last year with their video for Sixteen Military Wives, which mocked the US and its militarism. That is all fine and good, but the album from which it came, Picaresque, is the weakest of their three to date.

3) Mercury Rev- Something for Joey The Rev are probably one of my favorite twenty bands of all time. This track is from their sophomore album, BOCES (those of you who are from NY will be familiar with the acronym).

4) The Subways- No Goodbyes It really is a shame that the OC used a track from this album, Young For Eternity. That damn show is really offending me with its use of decent indie music and offering it up to the teenybopper masses. Damn you, Fox.

5) Soul Coughing- The Idiot Kings Wow.. I have nothing to comment here. It's all too obvious.

6) Jens Lekman- A Sweet Summer's Night on Hammer Hill I really need to listen to this album more. It's been on the iPod for awhile now and only gotten a couple of listens. On this track, his voice reminds me of Stephen Merritt (Magnetic Fields, Gothic Archies, the 6ths, etc.).

7) Tortoise- Eden 2 I put a couple of Tortoise albums on the iPod recently and rediscovered just how much I love this band. Clearly one of the more innovative acts of the past 20 years in indie/college music.

8) Broken Social Scene- Shampoo Suicide I like BSS maybe a little less than the average indie person, but I do love them for introducing me to Feist. She has quickly become my favorite female artist.

9) Thee More Shallows- House Break Mix in part Grandaddy and part Mercury Rev and you get these guys. The one downside is how slowly they work. But perfection takes time, people.

10) Boards of Canada- Farewell Fire Every iPod has to be stocked with some ambient, mood music. And, well, BOC just does it so damn well.

Bonus Bits-- The two artists I am really high on at the moment are Lansing-Dreiden and Mew.


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