Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Beltway Dems Must Go

According to this report from Hotline On Call, the DSCC might support Lieberman's independent run for reelection should he lose the CT primary to Ned Lamont. This is just one of myriad reasons why we need to replace the ENTIRE DC Democratic establishment. As usual, the idiots got a nice email from me.

I am writing to express my extreme displeasure with Sen. Schumer's comments with respect to Senator Lieberman's potential independent run for re-election (as reported in today's Hotline on Call). While I understand the DSCC's position of support for an incumbent senator, I cannot fathom why it would support someone running as an independent after being rejected by DEMOCRATIC primary voters.

Perhaps I am being naive here, but if Connecticut Democrats reject Lieberman, shouldn't the DSCC also reject him? If the voters of Connecticut pick Ned Lamont in the primary, they should expect that the DSCC would support him as well. It amazes me that Senator Schumer and the DSCC would even consider supporting an independent over a duly chosen DEMOCRATIC candidate for US Senate.

Is this just another example of how out of touch folks in DC are with the rest of the country?


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