Monday, June 19, 2006

So Much for Sisterhood

Louisiana Governor Blanco, a Democrat, signed a bill to ban abortions in that state. Unlike the South Dakota abortion ban, this is actually a trigger law. In other words, when the Bush Supreme Court overturns Roe, sending it back to the states, LA will instantly prohibit abortions. Just like the SD ban, though, this provides no exception for rape or incest.

Congratulations, Kathleen, you've sold out fellow women's rights in the name of good politics.

What the Religious Right is engaging in is nothing less than a war on sex, as evidenced by not providing rape and incest exceptions. These radical retards want to punish women for having sex and possibly enjoying it. They want to control women and turn back the clock to a time when women were barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.

Look at the evidence in front of us- banning abortion; punishing homosexuals; banning the sale of sex toys; abstinence only education; prayer in the schools; etc. What these Republicans want is nothing less than a sexless, Christianist republic, not all that different from Islamic republics like Iran or Taliban-era Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, the American people have yet to realize the grave and present danger these theocratic Republicans pose to our democracy and our way of life.


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