Tuesday, June 27, 2006

He's a Fat Drug Addict Who Can't Get It Up and Nobody Likes Him

So, Fatty McPill Popper needs a bit of the Viagra to get it up. This is not only funny, but interesting because Limbaugh serves as the mouthpiece to the Right Wing fringe in this country, a group of people who believe that all sex outside of procreative marital sex is a sin. So, will Rush fess up to his sin? Will his Cheetos eating lemmings feel a sense of cognitive dissonance?

I suppose the answer to both is no, given that Porky tried to deny, deny, deny his doctor shopping for hillbilly heroin (also known as Oxycontin). Plus, he's been divorced THREE times and yet millions of Zombies tune in everyday to eat up the GOP talking points. Which really does say a lot about how much the sanctity of marriage means to these raging jackasses- not a hell of a lot, unless it's used to bludgeon gays.


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