Monday, June 05, 2006

Appealing to the Morons

Now that Congress-critters are back from vacation, they plan on taking on such important matters as... Iraq War? Nope. Energy Prices? Nyet. Poverty? No siree. Instead, the GoOPers will focus on weighty issues like gay marriage and flag burning. Woo hoo. I am sure that the majority of Americans find health care, rising gas prices and casualties in Iraq far more pressing than fags and flags. But, the Morons who make up the GOP base are miffed at the Repubs and may not turn out in November.

At what point will the majority of Americans wake up and realize that Bush and his cronies care nothing about them and that all that matters to the GOP is turning out the angry, ignorant and intolerant among us to keep Bush and boys in power?


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