Saturday, June 03, 2006

Where the Morons Are

According to the New York Times, there are only three portions of the country where Bushie has approval ratings above 50%. And the three are not Halliburton HQ, the Southern Baptist Conference, and the mental ward. It's actually Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. In other words, dumbfuckistan. I mean, what do any of those states have to offer the country, aside from Mormons, potato farmers and Dick Cheney?

Apparently, Bushie also enjoys "pockets of support" in Birmingham, AL; northwest GA; and Florida's Panhandle. Again, I ask- what do these parts of country contribute to the rest of us? Not a god-damned thing.

The funniest part of the story has to be the comments from Morons in Utah-
"I like George Bush because he is God-fearing, and that's how a lot of people in this area feel." Yeah, Bushie McWar boy is god fearing. And I'm Santa-Fucking-Claus. Call me a heretic, but didn't Jesus say, "blessed are the peacemakers"? Oh, and what about all of His teachings about taking care of the poor?

"I'm against the war in Iraq — and what happened with Hurricane Katrina, well, it was a failure by everybody... I tend to judge a person by their character. And President Bush reminds me of President Reagan. He's a man of principle." Seriously, you can't make this up. I wonder just what principles he thinks Bushie stands for. Let me take a crack at them- unprovoked war, enriching oil companies, spying on Americans. Oh yeah, Bushie certainly has some character. Just like Mussolini did.

"I like his honesty," said Allison Wilkey, a mother of three. I wonder just what she teaches her children about honesty. Maybe it's that lying is okay if it takes you to war to avenge your daddy. Or, perhaps that lying is okay if it gets you the phone records of millions of Americans. Come on, you idiot, Bushie is an absolute Machiavellian. Truth plays no role in his decision-making process. But I suppose if you are stupid enough to believe that Jesus came to America and that there are religious tablets in upstate NY, then you'll believe any-damn-thing.

God, please rid of us of your moronic followers.


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