Friday, June 16, 2006

Decisions, Decisions

The more I contemplate the fall semester, the more I consider changing a couple of my courses. As of right now the lineup is as follows-
Trusts and Estates
Criminal Procedure II
Administrative Law
Fundamentals of Income Taxation

But I am contemplating swapping out of Crim Pro II in order to take Mergers and Acquistions; nixing Fundamentals of Income Taxation for Corporate Finance; and dropping Trusts and Estates in favor of Law and Economics. I'd end up with three classes in a row on Tu/Th, one on Mo and Fri and two on Wed. Not too bad, I suppose.

However, it would man that I was dropping a course taught by my favorite professor in order to pick up a class by my second favorite. And, should I really be taking M&A and Corp. Finance if I have no intention or ability to work for a large firm? Then again, I am interested in M&A, Corp. Finance and Law & Econ. So who knows what I will end up doing.


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