Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Another Wimpy Dem

So, the frontrunner for the Dem nomination for GA Gov turns out to be no better than the Republican she hopes to replace. Putting "good politics" above principle, Cathy Cox has turned her back on Georgia's gays and lesbians in their quest for equal marriage rights. Below is a copy of the email I sent to her campaign.

In light of recent events I would like for you to remove my email address from your database. I have also stripped the bumpersticker off my car. And neither I nor my girlfriend will support your campaign for Governor.

Your comments with respect to the recent gay marriage ruling are more than troubling, especially as they seem at odds with your position on the ballot question in 2004. While I realize the political realities of Georgia and the influence of religious conservatives, I do expect Democratic politicians to show some backbone and stand up for portions of society that are marginalized. I also assume that all decent Democrats believe in equality (perhaps growing up in Massachusetts created that delusion).

I am also troubled by your earlier support of a bill that would have mandated schools and public buldings to fly a state flag that included the Confederate battle flag. Now, I realize that you've explained that away by saying others claimed it would be a good idea (politically). That, however, is the critical problem- a politician driven more by fleeting notions of "good politics" than by real principle.


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