Saturday, January 28, 2006

Will Frist Call on Them to Enlist?

Senator Frist is set to speak at the big College Republican rally this Monday. I urge you to contact Dr. Strangelove and ask him if he's going to urge young GoOPers to enlist. Here's a sample letter for you to use:

Senator Frist-
I understand that you will be addressing the 'Finish the Job: Support Our Troops' Rally this coming Monday. I hope that included in your remarks will be a call for all able bodied, enlistment aged Republicans to volunteer for service.

As you are aware the military has failed to meet its recruiting goals recently. This is especially troubling given that so many College and Young Republicans are sitting on the sidelines during this time of great national crisis.

You must, as a leader of the Republican Party, call on these able bodied men and women to put their support where it really matters. Sure, they will tell you that they have better things to do, like be keyboard commandos and eat Cheetos, but you and I both know that wars are won on battlefields, not on blogs.

So, what do you say, Senator? Will you stand up and urge Young Republicans to enlist?


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