Friday, January 20, 2006

Will the Senate Democrats Show a Spine?

Given the current Whip count on the Alito confirmation vote, it would seem that the Dems could potentially sustain a filibuster. And, given the gravity of this nomination they should. Alas, most Dems in DC are spineless jellyfish afraid to take a position on anything. With that in mind, let me offer them this advice.

To: Senate Democrats
From: musclehead
Re: Alito Filibuster

It is imperative that you filibuster the nomination of Samuel Alito to SCOTUS. Not only is it in the best interest of the country, but it provides you with an opportunity to show a characteristic all too often lacking in your caucus, resolve.

Perhaps you are concerned that a filibuster would provoke the GOP to follow through on its threat of going nuclear and eliminating the filibuster. Nothing could be better for the Party than for the Republicans to do so. This would provide the Democratic Party the opportunity to highlight the GOP's fealty to the Radical Right.

This would require a sustained effort by Democrats to highlight Alito's unwillingness to support Roe v. Wade as settled law of the land (as did Chief Justice Roberts during his confirmation hearings). A vast majority of Americans support a woman's right to chose and also believe that if Alito were to overturn Roe that he ought not be confirmed.

Here is your opportunity to connect to the American people on an issue they care about- abortion- while showing how out of step the Republican party is with these voters' values. Make the Alito filibuster all about ABORTION. It's very simple electoral calculus. We're right on this issue!

If the GOP succeeds in its attempt to end the filibuster then we have 2006 and 2008 gold. We can portray the GOP as so far outside of the mainstream that they overturned over a century of Senate rules in order to end abortion. How many soccer moms do you think are going to support such a party?

This really is a win-win situation. Hopefully, you won't, once again, wrest defeat from the jaws of victory.


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