Thursday, January 19, 2006

Waa waaa waa

That is the sound of the WaPo's editors cries as they plug their ears in order to shut off criticism of their "reporting." Just today, Jim Brady announced that comments at the WaPo blog would be turned off. So, you know I just had to write him an email instead--

Dear Mr. Brady-
I understand that it is your and the WaPo's prerogative to turn off comments on your blog. However, please do not insult the public's intelligence by attributing your decision to "personal attacks, the use of profanity and hate speech." The Post has made it abundantly clear, both through Ms.Howell's decision not to respond to reader critiques of her or the Post's reporting and the supposed technical problem that made hundreds of critical comments disappear, that it no longer feels any sense of accountability to its readers.

What I find to be rather telling is Ms. Howell's, and others', concern about Mr. Froomkin's blog and how its title was confusing. Mr. Froomkin's dispatch seems to be one of the only sources of truth, as opposed to truthiness, found in the Washington Post. Given the accumulation of evidence recently, it would appear that the Post is charting a course to become the Washington Times second edition, where "journalists" dutifully transcribe the latest talking points issued from the White House and the RNC.

Because of these actions many people are rightfully disappointed and upset with the quality of your paper's writing and its editorial decisions. This is evidenced by the astronomical number of comments you have received. It is more than troubling that you have decided to put your fingers in your ears like a child and pretend not to hear. Perhaps someday adult leadership will regain control of the Post. Until then I place your paper in the same category as the Washington Times, Fox News and talk radio.


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