Saturday, January 21, 2006

F*ck Disney and the Religious Right Bigots They're Pandering To

Although they are loathe to admit it, Disney pulled the show Welcome to the Neighborhood because it might upset the Far Right Religious bigots. Here's why- the winners of the home were a gay couple and their adopted son. And, at the time the show was set to air, Disney was busy licking the boots of the Religious Right in support of The Chronicles of Narnia. The Christian bigots loved Narnia so much that they forgave Disney the sin of allowing gays and lesbians to come to their theme parks.

What is most interesting about this story is that the three neighbors who selected the winning family are all self described Republican Christians. The participant who was initially most opposed to a gay family moving in has a gay son. In the end, that man not only changes his mind, but rekindles his relationship with his son.

In the story linked above, the NYT actually speaks to some of the Right Wing Christians and they agree that had Disney aired the show they would have reconsidered lifting their boycott and support of Narnia. According to Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention, "had the show been broadcast - particularly with an ending that showed Christians literally embracing their gay neighbors - it could have scuttled the Southern Baptists' support for 'Narnia'."

So, it would be wrong of Disney or any other company to air a show where Christians actually show compassion and tolerance towards others. Imagine, the nerve of some Christians to actually take Jesus' teachings to heart and not abide by the bigoted dictates of radical Right Wing preachers. Why, if we don't nip this in the bud, pretty soon some Christians might actually want to feed the hungry and clothe the homeless.


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