Thursday, January 19, 2006

Tweety.. Or Is It Twitty?

Fresh off the heels of his outrage over Hillary Clinton's plantation comments, Tweety compares Michael Moore to Osama Bin Laden. Honestly, the man is a moron. Here's my latest letter.

Mr. Matthews-
Although I thought you could sink no lower than your usual pandering to the GOP elite in Washington, tonight you did just that. Comparing a filmmaker who opposes the US invasion of Iraq to Osama Bin Laden is simply ridiculous. Michael Moore has never orchestrated an attack on the US. While one may disagree with Mr. Moore (as I do much of the time), comments such as your only coarsen political debate in this country.

Perhaps your time would be more productively spent analyzing why after four years this administration has FAILED to capture Bin Laden. But then that would require you to rock the most pleasant GOP boat you troll the Potomac on, wouldn't it? Until such time that you decide to actually hold our plutocrats in DC responsible for their actions you ought to call your show what it really is- Tee Ball for the GOPers.


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