Sunday, January 15, 2006

Another Letter

(This one is to Deborah Howell, the ombudsman at the Washington Post.)

Dear Ms. Howell-
I am dumbfounded that the Washington Post and you continue to misrepresent Jack Abramoff's contributions. Mr. Abramoff did not give one penny of his own money to a Democrat. That information is quite easy to obtain, so I cannot fathom a reason for your misrepresentation other than laziness or your paper's increasing dereliction of journalistic duty to report FACTS.

Perhaps you and the editors of the Post worry about upsetting the current administration, thereby losing sources. But true journalism is about reporting facts, not about brainless reprinting of press releases and official talking points. A journalist is supposed to enlighten and elucidate, not provide a mouthpiece for obfuscation.

At the present moment it is difficult to discern a difference between the GOP mouthpiece Washington Times and the White House stenographers known as the Washington Post.


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