Saturday, December 10, 2005

This Is What the Bush Administration Thinks Its Fallen Soldiers Deserve?

We all know that the chickenhawk Bushies care little about sending other people's sons and daughters to their deaths in Iraq. But this is simply un-fucking-believably wrong. Basically, dead soldiers are being shipped home from Dover (DE) on commercial flights as freight. There is no flag draped over the coffin, no military honor guard to meet the coffin, etc.

This is more than unacceptable. This is disrespectful of the men and women who have given their lives. This is a disgrace to America itself.

And, please spare me the argument about how the coffins are initially greeted at Dover by proper military protocol and that maybe it is too expensive to fire up a military plane to fly one or two coffins across the country. That is simply bullshit. What price can we put on the life of a dead soldier? What does his/her sacrifice mean not only to their family, but to our country?

I don't care if it costs millions of dollars to fly these dead soldiers home on military aircraft and be met by an honor guard. (Maybe if we didn't give away so many tax cuts to the millionaires we could afford to do so.) Either the Bushies don't know or don't care how to honor our fallen heroes.

(hat-tip: americablog)


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