Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I Write Letters

This is from my latest email to the putz from CT, Joementum Jackass Lieberman:

Please resign NOW. You do not represent any faction within the Democratic Party any longer. Your remarks today, blaming the Democratic Party for the acrimony in Washington, DC shows just how detached you are from reality.
Sure, the signs have been there for awhile, but recently they have become more apparent. For example, assessment of Iraq (published in the GOP talking points rag, the Wall Street Journal). It was so lacking in realism that reporters in Iraq commented that your description of the country didn't resemble any place they had been.
We all know that you're angling for Secretary of Defense. So, just do us all a favor and have the decency to resign now, so that Governor Rell might appoint someone who does not hide their Republican ideology behind a facade of Democratic centrism.


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