Monday, December 05, 2005

Surreal Life

Today I had the misfortune of turning on CNN while Chimpy the walking failure was speaking in North Carolina. From what little bit I could stand to watch (hey, I was trying to eat!) it seems that the new talking points are all about the economy. Aside from claiming success on the job front (right in the midst of major layoffs) Bushie did something rather strange- he talked about politicians in Washington wanting to raise taxes.

Now, call me crazy, but last I checked the cocksuckers in the GOP Congress were cutting taxes (about 50% of the cut in the latest bill goes to those who earn over $1.1 million per year). And, as they were easing the burden on the yacht club crew, they were cutting programs for poor and middle class folks (student loans, food stamps, etc.). So, I am not sure who the evil politicians in DC are that want to raise taxes. Perhaps they are the same people who hid the WMDs in Iraq?

I guess what this really shows is that the GOP is so completely devoid of ideas in their time of crisis (corruption, Iraq, etc.) that they are trotting out the old tax scare tactic.

Chimpy also mumbled something about fiscal responsibility. I had to change the channel before I gagged, so I can't be sure that he wasn't taking blame for the current fiscal problems (hahahaha and I believe in Santa Claus, too). Someone might want to remind Bushie and his moron minions (you know, the 40% or so with their heads planted firmly up their ass) that it was Bushie and his GOP Congress who- increased spending more than Clinton; wasted billions of dollars on a failed war to avenge his daddy; and, gave away the US treasury to corporations.



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