Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Bush Enlists in the War

The War on Christmas, that is. Georgie had the audacity to send out holiday cards, as he has every other year since he took office. Apparently this wasn't a problem in the past because up until last year it was only Falafel Bill who was worried about the War on Xmas. But now we have Johnnyboy Gibson (also of Faux News) enlisted alongside Falafel/Loofah master Bill O, not to mention the millions of morons who get their daily dose of GoOPer propaganda from the Obese Pill-Popper, Slick Sean Hannity and the rest of the clowns on Faux, talk radio and the American Falafel Association.

It makes you wonder if Naughty Bill O will put Georgie on his enemies list now? Of course, it should also make you wonder what in god's name is wrong with these jackasses that a wish of happy holidays sends them into convulsions. Weakness of faith anyone?


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