Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Victory Will Come When We Least Expect It?

So, flight suit Georgie again refuses to lay out a timetable for withdrawing troops from the Iraq quagmire. Not only did he fail to provide a timetable, but he also failed to provide benchmarks for troop drawdowns. In other words, we'll be in Iraq until Bushie and his bunch think it's time to leave.

Bush also said that troops would not be withdrawn based upon "artificial timetables set by politicians in Washington." This is simply too rich to pass up. So far, we have both former Secretary of State Colin Powell and Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld on record stating that they were not consulted prior to the Iraq War. Nor does there seem to have been any other input sought from actual military folks. So, we got into the war based on politicians in Washington, Big Dick Cheney and Bushie. Of course, these two, and the rest of the PNAC cabal, have never actually served in a war, preferring to be armchair generals in their own game of Risk.

Bushie also said something about winning, or victory (I heard the speech on CNN and am too lazy to look up the transcript), which really made me puzzled. I had thought that two years ago, when flight suit Georgie declared "mission accomplished" that had meant we had won. I guess not.


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