Monday, December 05, 2005

Updated Bio

After several requests (mostly from my girlfriend), I am going to update my biography. So, here goes--
I am a graduate student at The Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University. As of next fall I should be an official PhD student in the joint program with Georgia Tech (right now, I am just a funded graduate student). My area of concentration will be public finance with a minor field of either education policy (this would be the easy route given my MS in education policy) or policy and program evaluation.

Prior to graduate school, I had been enrolled in law school at Emory University and Washington University in St. Louis. I finished two years and realized that I had zero desire to continue or to become an attorney.

As noted above, I already have one graduate degree, from SUNY at Albany. I also worked for the New York State Assembly Ways and Means Committee as a budget analyst. Most of my other non-political employment has been in the area of education and childcare (in other words, I have no retirement fund or savings).

As far as politics goes, I have held elective office and have consulted to candidates ranging from the municipal level to US Senate. (I've been on a self imposed hiatus for the past seven years.)

Now, the name of the blog probably indicates what my biggest passion is outside of politics and policy- bodybuilding. I have been training seriously for about four years, with a couple of interruptions (torn labrum in right shoulder that kept me out of the gym for the better part of a year; impinged AC joint in left shoulder that took me out for about 3 months). I was to do my first show back in 2001, but because of complications I had to pull out, three weeks before the show.

I am currently training for a spring/summer show in 2006. I have yet to decide on a specific show and a lot depends on how the next couple of months of training go. In addition, the sanctioning group here prohibits the use of pro-hormones, even though they were legal up until this past January. So, I have to make a decision about whether to travel back north to compete or stay down here and do an NPC show.

Blah, blah... that was rather lengthy. But I could not stop without mentioning that I live with my wonderful girlfriend, Hanna, and our sheltie/collie mix, Sophie.


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