Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sunday Random Ten (now with ratings... boo yeah!)

Direct from the iPod

(1)The White Stripes- Black Math You know, for awhile I really liked the direction of indie rock going towards a more 70's garage sound. But now that the major labels have picked up every wannabe White Stripes, I just can't feel the same joy. (6/10)

(2)Broadcast- Bit 35 I had almost forgotten about these guys, until seeing a review of Tender Buttons somewhere. Glad to have been reminded. (7/10)

(3)Mull Historical Society- Barcode Bypass My brain really wants to say that this is Brit pop for people who don't like Brit pop. Why do I want to say that? I'm not sure. Perhaps it is because Mull is a wee bit less fey than some other Brit poppers. And, yes, I know Coldplay is not overly fey, but they are more arena rock than Brit pop (heck, they want to be U2). (6/10)

(4)The Warlocks- The Tangent Ok, a ton of people loathe these guys. But there is something about them that I find appealing. Perhaps it is their love for Velvet Underground. (7/10)

(5)Ted Leo and the Pharmacists- The Ballad of the Sin Eater Boy, Hanna really hates this band. (And you didn't think they could hate you, now did you?) Everytime I play it, she leaves the room. And, quite honestly, the rest of the album does not live up to Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone? (5/10)

(6)Dungen- Gjort Bort Sig I have no idea what the hell these guys are singing about, but they are from Sweden. There is some unwritten indie hipster rule about being into one band that doesn't sing in english. Even if they sang in Southern accents, their spacey guitar play would be worth the listen. (8/10)

(7)Head of Femur- Manhattan I think someone convinced me that since I was so into Bright Eyes, I'd dig this band. That person was very wise (maybe it was me). Actually there is a Bright Eyes member in the band and another who plays on records, apparently. The vocals are not as raw as Conor's, but still quite good. I'd call this music for rainy days or depressive nights. (8/10)

(8)Atmosphere- That Night This is probably the most meaningful song on my iPod. It tales the story of a 16 year old girl who was raped and killed trying to get backstage at an Atmosphere show in New Mexico. The killer had a prior conviction for raping a four year old. I think some of the lyrics are worth a look

She was sixteen
another young angel with clipped wings
she came to the shows
but I never met her
don't even know if she was listening
that night, we lost a supporter
that night, somebody lost a daughter
he raped and killed her at the venue
I can't comprehend what her friends must've went through
that night, the sun went dark
now watch everyone on the tour bus fall apart
that night, Lord have mercy
the music died that night in Albuquerque

I become another number that wants you to suffer
you're locked up for now
you have no more chances to steal the children's laughs
and if you ever find God, better pray to her
and ask that we never cross paths

(9)TV on the Radio- The Wrong Way These guys mix so much into an album, that it is hard to describe just what they are all about. I mean, aside from some really good music. There is some post-punk, some jazz, some electronic knob twidling. If forced to categorize it, I'd probably go with art rock, which may be especially apt since two of the three members of the band are artists. (7/10)

(10)Weezer- Simple Pages For years after the Buddy Holly song I could not stand to hear this band. Somewhere down the road I became less bitter (maybe because they were no longer emptyvee's flavor of the month?) and I have all their albums on my iPod. And while their songs will never be among the pantheon of creative indie pop-dom, they are very catchy, easy to sing along to and accessible for people outside of the indie clique. (7/10)


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