Saturday, December 17, 2005

Saturday Random Baker's Dozen

My holiday present to y'all--

(1)Modest Mouse- World at Large. Though I like MM, many of their songs sound alike.

(2)Morrissey- All the Lazy Dykes. Most dykes I know are quite energetic. So I am not sure what Moz is on about.

(3)Weezer- Dope Nose. Call me crazy, but I still think Bush should have used this as his campaign theme.

(4)Lemon Jelly- Return to Patagonia. This was just to show how hip I am.

(5)John Vanderslice- Heated Pool and Bar. An appropriate song for these times--
I’m a guard in guantanamo
I bring the prisoners in
the hoods come off and torture slowly begins

the screams I’ve overheard
it’d fuck up a weaker man
but I’m cold, I’m so untouchable

and you can’t be nice
I got a flak jacket
on my soul with me tonight
and you can’t be good

(6)Death from Above 1979- Go Home, Get Down. Rock n roll, bitches! By the way, their remix album (Romance Bloody Romance) is a good one.

(7)Clap Your Hands Say Yeah- Clap Your Hands. It's a carnival. It's a song. It can be annoying.

(8)Moose- Won't Look for Love. And I won't look for WMD, so we're equal. On a side note, this album is worth having if only for its title, High Ball Me.

(9)Kelley Polar- My Beauty in the Moon. Just added this to the iPod today.

(10)Danger Doom- Perfect Hair. Any track with Shake (from Aqua Teen Hunger Force) is worth a spin or two.

(11)Atmosphere- Pour Me Another. Protein shake?

(12)Cannibal Ox- Straight off the D.I.C..Cheney? A song about Big Time Torturer?

(13)TW Walsh- Old Fashioned Way of Speaking. Last time I saw TW was as the bassist for Pedro the Lion.


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