Friday, November 25, 2005

File Under Huh?

Brownie, ex FEMA head Mike Brown, is off to start his own disaster consulting business. One has to wonder at the chutzpah of the Bush cabal. First, this guy magnificently screws up the response to Hurricane Katrina (apparently he was too busy exchanging emails about his wardrobe), then somehow ends up getting a consulting contract with FEMA after he resigns. And now he is opening his own disaster preparedness consulting firm?

Seriously, what kind of expertise does Brownie bring to the table? Let's see... he was general counsel for the Arabian Horse Association. Wait, he was forced to resign from that position. Oh... I know, he was part of Team Bushie, aka the Gang That Couldn't Accept Responsibility, where he sucked up to Joe Allbaugh and then took over his job when Allbaugh left to further fleece the government from the private sector.

Perhaps Brown's advice will be about how governments need to do a better job of vetting disaster personnel to ensure that they have some experience in the field. Nah.. that just isn't the Bushie way.


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