Monday, March 19, 2007


Regular readers of this blog know that I generally side with Israel in the Arab-Israeli conflict. But over the past few years I've become more and more distressed by the demands of AIPAC and other members of the Jewish lobby. This latest bit regarding Obama's lack of support among AIPAC types just throttles me. This bit captures the essence of his lack of appeal:

The root of the matter, as some observers of American Jewish politics see it, may be that Obama’s rhetoric and themes of reconciliation and common ground – the heart of his national popularity – sound off-key and even naïve in the context of a grim, confrontational moment in the Middle East.

Ahh yes, heaven forbid there should be reconciliation in this world. I'd mention the lion laying down with the lamb, but then I might be labelled anti-Semitic, as I would obviously be implying that Israel was the lion. Apparently Obama's voiced support for Israel is simply not good enough for some Jews. Perhaps if he issued a full-throated call for the destruction of the Palestinian people he could garner more Zionist support.

It is ridiculous that AIPAC holds the sway it does over American politics. There is no other organization that politicians of both parties so blindingly and habitually kowtow to. It is time to break free from the AIPAC addiction. There is simply no reason for our foreign policy to be driven so pervasively by Israel's interests.


Blogger Paul Bramscher said...

Good posts on your blog, some of the comments strike an accord with my own:

I've got an entry in which I'm trying to reconcile the apparent sea-change of attitude toward Israel from Prescott Bush's support of Hitler to the current Commander in Thief's unabashed Zionist stances. It's a peculiar quirk of history, and of course Bush is just emblematic for a much wider range of influence.

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