Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Perception v. Reality

One of the main truisms about Democrats is the one that says Democrats are weak because they are liberal. But is there really any truth to it, or is it a mere canard. Or, perhaps it is truthiness.

The leadership of the Democratic Party is almost uniformly moderate. Don't believe me? Take a look at pre-2001 Gore, Kerry, Senator Reid, Representative Emanuel, etc. All have sort of muddled along offering little in the way of fight. On the other hand, the liberal wing of the Party, as represented by the netroots, are full of fight. Take a look at DailyKos or Eschaton and you will find plenty of liberals who are willing to get down in the mud and go tor to toe with the GOP.

Unfortunately, these fighters have not been the face of the Party to any large degree. And when they have received attention, it has been of the negative variety, aided and abetted by the wimpy moderates of the Party. The so called centrists of the Party have tried to marginalize the fighters of the Party, all the while fueling the notion of Democrats as wimps.

It's time for the DemoWimps to step aside and let the fighters take over. We need to take the fight to the GOP and capitalize on our victories of last fall. BushCo and the GOP are on life support and it is time to pull the f*cking plug. No more Mr./Ms. nice Democrat.


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