Friday, March 16, 2007

Just Wow

This is about all you need to know about the attitudes of the South and the folks who form the base of today's GOP. Georgia's Senate is about to pass a bill to make April "Confederate History" month. They want to honor the sacrifices of Georgians who fought against the Union. Of course, this comes at the same time Republican leaders have rebuffed attempts at legislation that would have the state apologize for slavery.

But what is the most revealing of the psyche of the typical Republican in the South are the comments left by readers. Here are some excerpts.

"Lez be teachin Ebon'ics in'sted of da Con'fedracy so we kin al git a-long wit eech udder"

"NAACP should be more focused on keeping their constituents out of jail and off the 11 pm news and not on preventing a History Month where people might actually learn something."

"Quit your griping already. If you haden't been sold by your own people and brought to this country you'd still be standing there with a toga & spear complaining how hot it was, not driving an Escalade with booming speakers."

"They should start April off by posting all known photo's of black confederates in every newspaper in the state of Georgia. This would really give the NAACP a fit."

"While watching the local news one morning in February I noticed the top four crime stories all centered around SW DeKalb, all murders. They'd report a murder, then break into a commercial for black history month. This happened not once but four times. I found it very amusing. How's that for social contribution. CRIME."

And they say racism is dead. Ha!


Anonymous Hanna said...

If you leave the South before me, I promise I wont be far behind you!!! ~Hanna

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