Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Alrighty Then

The other day, in the parking garage at my gym, I saw a bumpersticker that read "Not a Redneck Just a Southerner with an Attitude" complete with a Confederate flag. I was tempted to leave a little note, but I wanted to get home and shower. But it got me to thinking- what sort of attitude does that person have? Is it the attitude that black people should be property instead of citizens?

Now, I'm sure s/he would trot out the old canard about states' rights, etc. Followed up, of course, with something about rebellion. Look, I probably have more problems with authority than just about anybody I know. So I understand rebellion. But I think there are other symbols of protest/rebellion that are not associated with the practice of slavery.

I am going to make up my own bumpersticker. It's going to have Piss Christ with the words- Not Anti-Christian Just an Atheist with an Attitude.


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