Thursday, March 15, 2007

P 2008 Musings

It's hard to believe that at this time next year, we will be most of the way to picking a nominee (given the front-loading) for the White House. I have been unable to make up my mind about who to support. Each candidate has their strengths, yet they also have weaknesses. Plus, one of my favored candidates, Wes Clark, has yet to decide whether he is even running. This all would have been easier had my first choice, Russ Feingold, not chosen to remain in the Senate.

The following is my simple thoughts about each and where they stand on my preference list.

1. John Edwards; Barrack Obama(tie)
I was an Edwards supporter in 2004, after Clark left the race. He is an attractive candidate and his focus on poverty really moves me. His willingness to admit the error of his Iraq War vote is a welcome change from the current occupant of the White House. However, he his resume is a bit sparse, having served one term as a Senator. In addition, his campaign bumbled a bit through the whole blogger controversy.

I was cool to Obama up until recently. Too often he seemed to buy into the right wing narratives about the Democratic Party, especially with respect to how the Party views people of faith. He also needs to explain his support of Lieberman last fall. But his fighting spirit of late has certainly impressed me. He slammed Fox and its lies about him attending a madrasa as a youth. He also called out the Australian PM after his comments about the terrorists hoping for an Obama win. Plus, let's face it, the guy has an amazing resume. Probably the most qualified candidate for the White House in quite some time. Oh, and you can't forget the transformative nature of his candidacy.

2. Bill Richardson
I like the NM governor quite a bit. He's another person with a stellar resume. He's been outspoken on progressive issues and would also provide an historic opportunity for the US to elect a non-caucasian to the White House. I could imagine ultimately being a Richardson supporter, but I need to see more of his campaign still.

3. Someone else
Self explanatory

4. Chris Dodd
Let's face it, he's a second tier candidate who trails in his own state. Not much going on here. Though I do think he is a decent Senator and did support Lamont over Lieberman. Kudos for that.

5. Joe Biden
While Biden is relatively strong on foreign policy, he is lackey for banks, especially the credit card industry. Waste of time.

6. Hillary Clinton
Well, she's got a good last name. But the more I watch her, the more she is Joe Lieberman with a vagina. She refuses to admit her Iraq War vote was a mistake. She refused to say that homosexuality wasn't immoral. She supports keeping 75,000 troops in Iraq indefinitely. To be honest, I really wonder if she's running for the Democratic nomination or the Connecticut for Lieberman party's nod. She is everything that has been wrong with the Democratic Party for the past several years and it is time for her and her corporate Democrat cadre to fall by the wayside.

7. Dennis Kucinich
Why is he even running? As much of a vanity candidate as Nader, but with less potential to hurt the Party.


Anonymous Hanna said...

I couldn't agree more with everything you wrote. Hillary is only going to contribute to and continue the problems within the Democratic party. All the things I despise within my party! I am glad Obama tore Fox news a new one (as if they don't have enough ass holes there to begin with)!

3:49 PM  

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