Friday, July 07, 2006

Disingenuous Sully the Pooh

Andy has his own little take on the Lieberman-Lamont debate last night. He quotes an exchange about earmarks where Ned Lamont says Lieberman ought not be boasting about his performance and then goes on to say that earmarks really ought to be done away with. Sully closes with what he thinks is a pithy line about the food being in the restaurant being awful and such small portions.

Ugh... I know that Sully has a deep and abiding man-love for Holy Joe, but give me a break. Is he really so dense as not to get the point of Lamont's comments? Lieberman would like to boast about bringing home the bacon for Connecticut, yet the reality is that Lieberman is not doing so well, especially as compared to other Senators. The second point Lamont is making is that earmarks and the earmark process is corrupt and needs to be changed.

Let me make this easy enough for Sullivan to understand. Your beard is lame, especially compared to Grizzly Adams. However, beards themselves are stupid and need to be shaved.


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