Friday, July 14, 2006

Child Abuse????

Ok, so that title is a bit of a stretch, especially given my own work in Republican politics at a young age. But there is something a bit creepy about these home schooled kids busting their humps for the GOP. What I find troublesome is the sort of indoctrination into a certain belief system that these parents subject their kids to. When I was involved in GOP politics (hey, I was young and in MA it is rebellious to be a Republican) it was motivated by my own belief system. In fact, neither of my parents were Republicans, nor were they active in politics.

While participation by young people is clearly good for democracy, I am not sold on the notion that ALL participation is good. Young people need to develop their own belief system, independent of their parents. And, from all indications in this article and my own experience with this population, their beliefs are anything but independent. I am sure that these children and young adults believe in what they are doing, but is that because of a sincere belief or does it come from their desire to please or emulate their parents? Can you imagine the pressure put on a young person who believes so strongly in God, and is told that helping Ralph Reed is God's work?

The whole thing is just a little bit too creepy for my taste.


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