Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Piper Is Looking For His Pay

The stark reality of the BushCo. tax cut orgy is finally becoming apparent. America's five year delusional love affair with goodies for all is about to come to a screeching halt. Over the course of this administration, the federal government has gone from a surplus of just over $250 billion to a deficit of about $400 billion.

To be sure, the war on terror (and the ill advised war with Iraq) have taken up a fair chunk of change. But what has really driven the soaring deficit is BushCo's slavish devotion to tax cuts for America's most wealthy individuals. And, the proposed budget for FY 2007 is no different. In fact, Bushie is calling for tax cuts to be made permanent.

All of these tax cuts (and wars) cost money. And that means cutting social service programs, education, Medicare, and other programs targeted at the most needy Americans.

What does it say about this administration that in a time of war when all of us should be making sacrifices the only ones who are being asked to do so are the neediest. It simply boggles the mind that America's wealthiest are not only not being asked to sacrifice, but are being given even more tax cuts. Apparently Bush's definition of compassionate conservative means conserving at the expense of the poor while being compassionate with tax cuts for the super wealthy.


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