Wednesday, February 08, 2006

No Wonder Our Symbol is the Jackass

Seriously, why the f*ck do some Dems feel the need to critique the Party in the pages of the New York Times, and to Adam "I love to bash Dems" Nagourney no less. I guess the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal were not available.

The most galling part of the story is this paragraph-

Since Mr. Bush's re-election, Democrats have been divided over whether to take on the Republicans in a more confrontational manner, ideologically and politically, or to move more forcefully to stake out the center on social and national security issues. They are being pushed, from the left wing of the party, to stand for what they say are the party's historical liberal values.

Honestly, the Dems in DC could not organize a f*cking fire drill at a one room schoolhouse, let alone a coherent message. The caricature of the Dems being weak-willed may not be true with respect to national security, but it is all too true in regards to their inability to fight for core values. Look, as is probably apparent by my writings on economic policy, I am far from a left wing liberal, but what I want/expect from my Party is the same as what the left wing wants- a coherent message, a spine, a set of balls and leaders willing to stand up to the Right Wing Noise Machine.

This is not a debate about left versus center within the Party, no matter how much the Liebermans and DLC jerkoffs want to make it out to be. It is about having values and speaking up for those values. I am sick and tired of wimpy Dems who search endlessly for some nebulous notion of center all the while the GOP pulls the playing field farther and farther right. All I ask is that you "leaders" stand for something.

At what point will DC Dems realize how much time they have wasted trying to figure out what to say and how to say it. It seems like these folks suffer from the schoolyard mentality, where we are told to ignore bullies or to tell an adult, but not to engage. Taking the high road in political discourse has gotten us shut out of the past three elections. It is far past the time to start fighting back.


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