Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Democratic Cowardice

Once again, the Democratic Party in Congress fails to exhibit anything resembling a backbone. Faced with the White House's intransigence over the Iraq War funding bill, the Congressional leadership goes wobbly and gives Bush everything he wanted. There is no longer a timetable for ending the War.

I probably should not be surprised, given the Party's lack of resolve and fight over the past seven years or so. But let's look at the on the ground political reality- Bush's approval rating is still hovering around 30%; well over 50% of the country wants us to get out of Iraq; Democrats retook both houses of Congress in '06 largely by calling for an end to the Iraq War.

And yet, when faced with the President's veto of their original bill, which included timelines and was supported by the American people, the Democratic leadership not only blinked, but bent over for the White House.

Sure, they did not have the votes to override the veto, but there were at least two alternatives- resend Bush the same bill and make him veto it yet again; send him a bill with two months of funding and force him to comeback to Congress every two months to ask for additional funds. But these cowardly Democrats instead chose to surrender.

To the Democratic Party, I say fuck you. Don't ask me for money or support. I will spend my time and money working for particular candidates and causes. I will especially support folks running in Democratic primaries against these weak-willed SOBs currently inhabiting the Capitol.