Thursday, April 05, 2007

While You Were Out

Some recent developments that warrant a mention.

The capture of British soldiers by Iran led to much chest-thumping in the wingnutsphere. They mustered all their chickenhawk outrage at the "cowardice" of the Brits. It would seem that many of our arm chair generals (who have never bothered to serve) would have preferred the 14 men and one woman had returned to England in bodybags. I'm sure these brave keyboard warriors would soil their pants if faced with an actual enemy.

Orrin Hatch and Rush Limbaugh lie. I know this is probably a shock to about one of you. They were both caught furthering the lie that former San Diego US Attorney Carol Lam was a Clinton appointee, as well as a Clinton regional campaign manager, with very little prosecutorial experience. The only problem is that Lam is a Republican, was appointed by Bush and had about 14 years of experience prior to her appointment.

The White House is full of shit. Again, not so much of a surprise. But does anyone else see a problem with the White House decrying Speaker Pelosi's trip to Syria after they helped to organize a trip to Damscus for a few Republican congressmen?

Tim Griffin, the White House's hand picked interim USA in Arkansas has next to no trial experience. Instead, Timmy cut his teeth as an oppo researcher for Rove's machine.

The Bush-Cheney administration is sleazy. After withdrawing major Swift Boat funder's nomination to be Ambassador to Belgium, Bush recess appoints him.

New York Sun goes insane, says Cheney should run for Prez in '08. Perhaps the editorial writers there do not read opinion polls, but Tricky Dick's favorability is somewhere in the neighborhood of puppy sacrifice at 18%.

One step forward, two steps back. CNN finally labels Jim Carville as a Hillary supporter, but continues to carry the White House's water on Pelosi's Syria trip.


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