Thursday, April 19, 2007

Republican Stupidity

Ok, so maybe that headline is redundant.

Apparently, John McCain thinks that turning the Beach Boys' Barbara Ann into "bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran." Now that is sure presidential timber, isn't it? Nevermind the clusterfuck that is Iraq, or the Taliban's ascendance in Afghanistan and Pakistan, let's sing about bombing Iran. Ignore the fact that our military is stretched beyond the breaking point, let's do this thing. Apparently McCain thinks the way to get back in the good graces of GOP primary voters is to appeal to their chickenhawk bravado.

Alberto Gonzales has the audacity to claim that criticizing him equates to attacking the career folks at DOJ. Sound familiar? It's all part of the GOP's culture of victimhood. We've seen this before- criticism of the administration's bungling of the Iraq War have consistently been met with challenges of the critic's patriotism. See, not only do Republicans completely fail to accept any responsibility for their failures, but they pass blame onto those charged with carrying out their failed policies.

Republican/conservative bloggers are once again proven wrong on everything. In the moments after Monday's horrific events at Va Tech, manly conservative bloggers questioned the courage of the male victims. These armchair warriors suggested that the men failed to stand up to the shooter or otherwise engage in courageous acts. Of course, we have now learned that plenty of people tried to defend themselves and others and saved lives while losing their own. Shame on these cowardly jackals who sit comfortably in their homes and offices criticizing people they know nothing about. I am sure these jerkoffs would piss their pants if confronted with a threat greater than a jammed paper tray on their printer.


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