Sunday, October 05, 2003


So, apparently my hiatus was a wee bit longer than I had planned. And my well laid plans to post at least once per week seem to have gone by the wayside, at least for now. But today is a new day, and we are in a new month. So.. in that spirit.. here is a bit o content. Random thoughts on politics and current events.

Apparently, there were not any WMD in Iraq. Thanks for the honesty, Mr Bush, you will have a strong career in used car sales after you are fired next November. After all, with Enron and Tyco falling, lack of honesty is no longer permitted in the corporate world, so hopefully the local Buick dealer has an open used car salesman position for you.

And who will replace the Shrub? Why, General Clark, of course. I know a lot has been made of him being a registered independent, but does it really matter to the average voter? Even in Democratic primaries I am not so sure it is a big deal. After all, Howard Dean does or says something stupid on a fairly regular basis and each time his support grows.

Clark is a phenomenal candidate. He has the experience, the intellect and the good looks to be president. I know looks may not sound important, but ask Steve Forbes about that. And I will take perverse pleasure in annoying the "Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party" by electing another moderate Democrat to the White House. I can hear the ANSWER, Move On and Deanies crying into their laptops already.. and it sounds sooooo sweet.

And who can forget Cali? As a bodybuilder, I have to root for Arnold. If he wins, and does well, then maybe we can retire the stereotype of bodybuilders as well, muscleheads. Reading the tea leaves a bit, an Arnold victory could be the beginning of a strong anti-incumbent/anti-insider surge that would benefit the Democrats in both Congressional races and the race for the White House.