Wednesday, February 15, 2006


That is about how I feel today after reading the news.

(1) GOP Senators on the intelligence committee have been cowered by Karl Rove and Big Time Dick Cheney (maybe he was wielding his girlie gun) into backing off an investigation into NSA wiretapping. This is despite polls showing most Americans believe the wiretapping was wrong and want an investigation.

(2) Girlie shooter Cheney is finally making public comments today. Guess where- on GOP propaganda outlet Faux News. You can be sure the segment will be edited/scrubbed to make Cheney look like the victim in all this, nevermind that his victim is sitting in ICU with pellet in his heart.

(3) GOP bloggers and leaders continue to refuse to distance themselves from Ann Coulter and her remarks at the CPAC conference. Of course, these same people are the first to demand that Democrats and liberals denounce everything that comes out of Michael Moore's or Harry Belafonte's mouths. The hypocrisy is astounding. But then, the GOP relies on the Racist Right to win elections.

(4) Democrat in Name Only, Henry Cuellar, wants to deputize and pay Right Wing racist militiamen known as the Minutemen. Thankfully, a real Democrat (Ciro Rodriguez) is primarying his ass. Oh, and by the way, as someone whose ancestors were REAL Minutemen, I am furious that these racist jerkoffs dare to call themselves by the same name.

Somedays I really wonder if this country will survive with its founding values intact. Ugh.


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