Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hackett for Senate (OH)

After reading this MoJo profile of Paul Hackett I have to say that we need more of this type of Democrat in DC. While I'm sure that Sherrod Brown is a decent guy and all, he's no Fighting Dem. This little bit speaks volumes to the type of fighter Hackett will be--

“That’s low politics, punk!” a heavy-set man sneers as he marches toward the poll.
Hackett wheels around. “Pardon me?”
“You know, that radio ad that says, ‘You don’t know Schmidt.’” He’s talking about one of Hackett’s attack ads against Republican Jean Schmidt. The man spews a stream of epithets, and Hackett lets out a crybaby whimper: “Waaaaaaa!”
“What’s that, punk?” the big man growls.

A TV crew is setting up nearby, but Hackett doesn’t seem to care. “What’s your fuckin’ problem?” the candidate snaps. “You got something to say to me? Bring it on!” Hackett, all 6 feet 2 inches of him, is nose to nose with the heckler. “Problem?” he taunts. The man turns around and storms away.

“These guys in the Republican Party adopted this tough-guy language,” Hackett tells me, still steamed, an hour later. “They’re bullies. They’re offended when somebody takes a swing back at them.”

If you want to donate, or learn more about Hackett, go here.

(hat tip- Atrios)


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