Thursday, February 16, 2006

GA Legislature Trying to Squelch Gay Student Groups

Although they do not come out and admit it, GA legislators are trying to kill gay student groups. Today's AJC has the story. Note the comments by Representative Walker, who is also a Methodist minister, at the end of the piece. I took the time to email him and have posted it here.

Dear Representative Walker-
I read with interest your comments about after-school clubs in today's AJC. However, I was not quite sure what you meant by them. Were you implying that clubs that bring together gays, lesbians and heterosexual students are not "honorable... and right for kids"? If so, I think you ought to make that clear.

I do not say that because I agree with you, but rather because the people of your district deserve a representative who is forthright with his opinions.

It is unfortunate that your homophobia so clouds your judgment that you not only condemn its existence, but seek through your actions to silence homosexuals and the heterosexuals who support them. Many young gay and lesbian children grow up in families that abhor their sexuality and school groups like the gay-straight alliance provide supportive and nurturing environments for these young people struggling through adolescence. (Gay teenagers are up to four times more likely to commit suicide than their heterosexual peers). These groups also provide an opportunity for straight people to show their support for peers and promote an environment of inclusion, which is healthy for all students.

It is sad and unfortunate to see a man of the cloth who would cast out some of God's children. But then, that is the dogma of today's Republican Party and its Religious Right base. I cannot, in good faith, believe that Jesus would be proud.


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