Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Now the oppressed have their own website. And who are these oppressed millions? Why, the Christians, of course. Nevermind that they make up the vast majority of the country or that they hold almost all the positions of power in government and corporations, us evil non-Christians are oppressing them. How are we doing that you ask? Not all retail employees are saying "merry christmas" when the oppressed buy whatever bauble they feel will best glorify Jesus (I hear he really loves the Xbox).

Seriously, people... you're NOT oppressed. You control almost ever fucking lever of power in this country. If some retail slave fails to say "merry christmas" it does not make you oppressed. It means that corporations might actually believe there is something to be made of being welcoming to people of all religions. Heck, they'll even take atheist dollars.

Instead of worrying about a stupid little phrase why not focus your efforts on taking the commercialism out of christmas? Why not use all that power you have to practice the actual teachings of jesus, you know the ones about taking care of the poor and hungry, instead of buying everything in the store? Maybe if you spent more time reading your bible and less time getting worked up about "merry christmas" you'd actually understand Christian teachings a bit more and might actually become spiritually fulfilled.


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