Friday, October 22, 2004

Gender Gap

For years there has been a gender gap in politics- men tend to break Republican, while women tend towards the Democratic candidate. This year that gap seems particularly acute with some polls showing men supporting Miserable Failure by about 15 percentage points. The conventional wisdom has been that men vote Republican because they are concerned about economic and military issues, whereas women's votes are based more on social issues like education and healthcare.

But I have an alternative hypothesis. Call it the porn hypothesis. On the whole, male porn actors are not particularly attractive and thus do not threaten their male audience. The same holds true for Bush in the intelligence department. Given that most men tend towards the competitive side, they are unlikely to vote for a candidate who seems to be more intelligent than they are because such a president might be emasculating to them and their sense of self. But since Miserable Failure is such a dimwit, the emasculation problem is obviated.

So.. just like straight porn needs Ron Jeremy, presidential politics needs Miserable Failures.


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