Saturday, October 09, 2004

Jesus Trumps Cognitive Dissonance

On the heels of an awful week for Miserable Failure Bush, his apologists in the blogosphere remain undeterred. (see, Professor Simpleton) Despite their boy losing both debates (though to Miserable Failure supporters a near loss is a win, well.. because he didn't drool or fall down), Tricky Dick Halliburton lying (and being called on it) his way through a draw with John Edwards, Paul Bremer's comments about Iraq and how he asked for more troops, Charles Duelfer's report that Iraq had no weapons program, the New York Times expose on the aluminum tubes, and crappy job numbers (and being the first administration since Hoover to preside over a net loss of jobs), people like Professor Simpleton and his simple-minded kinfolk still think Miserable Failure is da man.

And why would any rational person feel this way, in light of the above referenced evidence of failure, lying to the American people and general malfeasance? Because Miserable Failure loves Jesus. It does not matter that Al Qaeda attacked us and Osama Bin Laden is still roaming the hills of Afghanistan, yet our President attacked Iraq. It does not matter that over a million jobs have been lost. It does not matter that despite his rhetoric on education, NCLB is criminally underfunded. It does not matter that the administration lied to Congress about the cost estimate of the prescription drug bill. None of this matters, because well.. you know.. Bush loves Jesus and talks about Him an awful lot. So he must be a good guy and a good President.

What amazes me even more, at times, is that there is not even a trace acknowledgement that Miserable Failure is an idiot, or even the lesser of two evils. There are many of us who support Kerry, eventhough he was not our first choice. We are willing to acknowledge that Kerry is not perfect, but that he is quite a bit better than the alternative. But maybe this is not so strange after all, that people who support Miserable Failure because he loves Jesus might think that Bush himself walks on water. When you rely on faith, you ignore fact.


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