Monday, October 04, 2004

Sound of Silence

There really is not much to say. I am again considering shuttering the site for a bit. The presidential campaign is about the only thing going on right now worth writing about, and to be honest I just feel that if you're dumb enough to want four more years of the Village Idiot, nothing I can say would change your mind. Plus, there is already far too much being written about the race; it's more like a cacophony.

On the personal side of things, still busy with the job search and getting underway with the ABA Death Penalty Moratorium Implementation Project. Coming to terms with the reality that what I actually want to do has very little to do with the Big Firm thing. Of course, that also requires an acknowledgement that the Big Firm $$ will not be coming my way either. (At least not until I leave government service and cash in.)

So, the bottom line is that posts will be sporadic for at least the time being. Once the election and the job search are over, I will probably have more to say and it will most likely be about public policy with some law thrown in for good measure.


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