Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Beware of Snark

So my favorite law prof is at it again. Of course, as always, the black and white world in which Bainbridge lives leaves no room for shades of gray or any sort of nuance. One would expect a purported leading light in legal academe to understand that the alleged inconsistency between Kerry's two votes on Iraq funding is nothing more than a red herring. He voted for the appropriation when it would be funded by scaling back tax cuts and against it when it would be funded by even more Miserable Failure Bush borrowing. (Aren't conservatives supposed to support pay as you go?)

But, as ridiculous as Bainbridge's continual harping on the two votes is, calling Tricky Dick Cheney a "grownup" is simply too much. Is it really all that grown up to lie to the American people (see Saddam-Al Qaeda links), or to sell out your family for your boss (see Mary Cheney, lesbian)? If lying and turning your back on your family are hallmarks of adulthood, I'd prefer to remain a child.

Snarky comment-- why is it that fat, ugly people tend to be conservatives (yes, I am including the aforementioned person in this comment)? There certainly seems to be an inverse relationship between attractiveness and conservatism. My own take is that these ugly fat bastards hate the rest of the world for not accepting them and it plays out in their politics.


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