Friday, October 08, 2004

More Parallels

Here's a shocker, Professor Simpleton would not vote for Kerry because he is not anti-choice. Again, the genius from UCLA cannot seem to understand nuance, which perhaps is because of his background in science and his lack of understanding of any ideas not sanctioned by the Papacy (and their buggering priests).

Professor Miserable Failure Apologist equates Kerry's support for public funding of abortion as "legislating what NARAL believes." Of course, it's not because reproductive rights and their exercise are something that ought to be exercisable by all Americans, regardless of their income. And it is defintiely not because making safe abortion accessible to poor women would serve the vital societal interest of protecting women's health, insofar that if funding were not available women would return to back alley abortions.

Nah.. those would be too fuzzy, too gray for Professor Simpleton who lives in a world of black and white. (snarky comment: should people without a chance in the world to get laid even pontificate about reproductive issues?)


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