Saturday, December 13, 2003

Support Cool Companies

This holiday season, when you get your gift card with a check from grandma, please think of patronizing the good companies listed below. I do not get anything for this, except the vague hope that maybe I can drive some business to people who I think are darned good folks who have treated me well and sold me quality products. Without further ado.

If it is PROTEIN you need, check out Protein Factory. They are cheaper than retail and offer a wide array of pre-formulated supplements, as well as allowing you to customize your own or tweak one of their pre-existing formulas to meet your needs. No one else offers that service in the business.

If it is MUSIC you want try Parasol Records; Polyvinyl Record Co.; or, Jade Tree.

Finally, if it is TEA you are hankering for then go to Steep and pay Jeff a visit.

I have done business with all of the above merchants. All are reputable. All are non-corporate folks doing what they love.


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