Thursday, December 04, 2003

Just Shoot ME

And I thought I was getting into a rhythm with blogging again. Unfortunately life sometimes gets in the way. What with flying home for Turkey Day, getting ready for finals (not that I've really outlined or anything, I think my preparation has consisted to talking my friends back from the ledge), and doing the lovely early December resume blast.. oy!
Exams will be over on the 18th, and at that time I will be back to a more proper blogging schedule, I hope. Especially as the primary season will be nearly upon as at that time.
Lucky me.. December 11th is not only my 33rd birthday, but also the date of my Contracts exam. Isn't law school life grand?
I think my CSO may be aiming a bit too low for us. They seem to tell everyone to back off from big firms for 1L summer and focus on the vastly underpaid and overworked (as opposed to the vastly overworked and umm.. appropriately paid) world of public interest or government work. The best part (yes, my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek) is that we have a stipend program that might actually pay you a grand total of about two months rent. It escapes me just how we ended up in the top 25. Very few of the top 100 firms recruit here. Heck there are tier 3 schools in Boston and NYC who get better on campus action than we do. Tell me why it is that I came to St. Louis again?
Oh, and did I mention that my own search of firms that hire 1L summers came up with over 100 just in NYC, Boston and DC (some are duplicates.. same firm, different location). Nevertheless, it makes me wonder just what the hell is wrong with our CSO. Then, I find out that Ditzy's school's CSO pimps 1L's resumes for them! (Ditzy's site) Imagine that.. a CSO that does work for you?! I mean.. sheesh.. how can we expect such extravagance for only $32,000 per year?!


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