Monday, December 08, 2003


Gore to endorse Dean, sources say
Oh.. it is SO on.. Team Clinton versus Team Gore. The former are with Clark, the latter with Dr. Strangelove. This pretty much makes up my mind and pushes me back to Clark. As much as I like John Edwards (a lot!), he really is not gaining any ground. The only way to stop the worst electoral defeat in a generation is to stop Dean from getting the nomination. Dean will not only crash and burn himself, but will DESTROY down ballot Dems' opportunities in all but the most liberal states and districts. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Four more years of the smirking chimp and an even more Republican Congress to boot.
Thanks a lot Al.. It was not enough to have blown the 2000 race with your incomprehensible and incoherent people versus the powerful (since when does a sitting VP run as a populist outsider and who was the MORON who came up with that message?), now you have to stir up the waters in 2004! Go back to Tennessee, grow your stupid beard and shut the FUCK up, please!


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