Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Lost and Annoyed

This might be the most frustrating presidential election ever, for me at least. I was not wowed by anyone, though I flirted with Kerry and Edwards back in the spring and summer. I moved to Team Clark as he moved closer to a run. However, his dismal early perfomances were a bit discouraging. Then came the flag burning amendment, which was the straw that broke this camel's back. So over to the Dean side I was leaning. I could forgive him for his rabidly anti-war supporters; I could even forgive his opposition to rebuilding Iraq (even though I thought he was dead wrong). But I cannot forgive his lurch left on economic issues. First he got all wobbly on free trade (apparently trying to steal Gephardt's thunder in Iowa) and now he is shilling for a bit of the old regulatory state. Dean has transformed from a free market, deregulating, budget balancing Governor to a big government, interventionist, protectionist panderfest. I see no real difference between his economic message and Kucinich's or Gephardt's. Seems that the only folks running for president in my party that still brook any belief in free markets are Kerry (barely), Clark (maybe), Edwards (probably) and Lieberman (definitely).
Is it too late for a 10th candidate to get into the race? Calling Al Gore.. Al Gore.. please come back.


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